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As if we needed more excitement, the cosmos are making sure that this next season begins with a bang, as a full moon in Gemini is slated to light up the sky and set our internal world on fire just one day later.

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Since this zodiac sign is know for its curiosity, social proclivities, and detail-oriented mindset, this full moon's logical aura will help you sort through your emotions and communicate clearly. However, since this moon will receive complicated influence from Mars and Jupiter, it could also cause simmering conflicts to blast through the surface.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Try to breathe through your anger and confusion instead of acting impulsively. Let's also not forget that Mercury is spending the next few weeks in retrograde.


Since it takes place in the sign of Sagittarius, it's important not to let this mutable fire sign's penchant for brutal honesty, obnoxious behavior, and recklessness land you in sticky situations you can't get out of. Remember to leave the major decision-making for later, to double-check all the fine print, and to think twice before you speak.

Even though we're still dealing with one of the most impactful retrogrades of all, there is a silver lining: Neptune will finally station direct as of Nov. While the sensitive planet of fiction and illusion has been rolling backwards, our personal dreams have been far more difficult to see clearly. Now that Neptune will soon be functioning normally once again, your fantasies will be so much easier to reach.

The sun has strutted into your ninth house of adventure and wisdom. Spend this next season delving into educational pursuits and saying "yes" to exciting new opportunities. It's a beautiful time for travel and cultural exchange. With a full moon lighting up your third house of communication, it's time to finally get something off your chest. Participate in constructive conversations and finish off projects that you've been procrastinating on.

Your eighth house of reincarnation and shared resources is now shining with the sun. It's time to let go of energy that no longer serves you and rise from the ashes toward a new beginning.

November 19 Zodiac Sign

Settle debts and contracts that set you free. The full moon radiates in your second house of finance and possessions. It's time to come to a deeper understanding of your relationship with money. What do you need in order to feel safe and secure? It's time to take a closer look at your relationships now that the sun is in your seventh house of partnerships. Join forces with someone you trust and combine your power. Learn how to compromise and cooperate.

It's time to deepen your bonds. With a full moon shining in your name, you're ready to come to terms with an intense shift in your image and identity.

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Prepare to make a positive change in the energy you project into the universe. You're entering a period of reorganization and productivity now that the sun is in your sixth house of service and health. It's time to renovate your fitness regime and diet, as well as improve your relationship with work. Friendship never ends, Aquarius! Sagittarius season on Thursday has you socializing, connecting, and reuniting with friends. Share your feelings with someone who needs to hear it. Werk, Pisces! Sagittarius season begins your ambitious month of career promotion and success.

A sensitive full moon on Friday has you looking for places and people who feel like home.

November 19 Zodiac

James Alice: vote , folks. Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. Colin Bedell. Cosmopolitan November 18, View photos. Photo credit: Katie Buckleitner. These are self-taught experts, and they learn by doing. They are the wild child of the Zodiac — but what happens when that child grows up?

When the rebel becomes the ruler? The fearless leader, that's what. If the Scorpio - Sagittarius cusp can apply all they've learned in their full, adventurous life, they can make wonderful authority figures. They have the potential to be truly progressive and powerful, but they need to remember to maintain objectivity and not to let their emotions get the best of them.

Knee-jerk reactions can be their downfall.